The beginning….

Hi my names Michael Robinson

I designed this blog site to be a record of my personal pursuit to evolve the way I exercise, eat and generally get fit.

Im a young doctor(28 actually)  working in the West Midlands, UK as an anatomy demonstrator at the University of Birmingham.  I completed P90X in 2010 with amazing results but over the least 3 years have gotten out of shape from generally eating badly and neglecting my old exercise regime.

As a kid I was always overweight, which didnt really bother me until I got to around 14 years  old.  Since then I have been looking at ways to lose weight ands trust me Ive tried everything over the years…..atkins (works well, but difficult to maintain, especially as a working parent)….CABBAGE SOUP DIET (amazing works well but mostly water weight lost and packs back on within days of normal eating).

At the age of 20 I reached my peak weight of 308lbs, 22 stone, my knees hurt when I walked upstairs.  I was super insecure and unhappy.  I decided that I had to change things.  I had just finished up my second year at medical school and had a long summer break 3 months in fact.  Over those 3.5 months I adopted the Atkins diet (for those that don’t know that’s 20g of carbs per day, pretty much unlimited fat and protein) and exercised to Billy Blanks tae bo twice a day.  By the time I went back to uni I was 3.5 months late I was 15 stone.  Through the usual college/university life (…..what another shot….ok) the weight crept back on, luckily only to about 17 stone.

In October 2008 I discovered P90X, hands down the best fitness program I have ever done personally.

I wanted to incorporate some of my medical, exercise and dieting knowledge to produce a real blog for fitness enthusiasts who are serious about getting healthy.  I will use science

I have dabbled in all of the new extreme fitness regimes (insanity, Asylum, Asylum 2, P90X2,  P90X one-on-one, Tapout XT whew what a list lol).  I love these new regimes firstly all have their merit.

I want to try something innovative though so Ive set myself this challenge.

  1. Revolutionise my nutrition (based on science BMR, required cals protein,carb, fat ratio etc)
  2. Revolutionise exercise (new hybrid workout incorporating the best exercises from every workout Ive come across so fat…mostly the beachbody stuff.  The key words being synergy and constant muscle confusion
  3. Detailed review of weight, measurements and progress with exercises
  4. Video and pictures detailing the journey (no fake shit here….results are what they are)
  5. I am going to post as much information and detail as I can so that any of you out there can be inspired to start your own journey.

Come join me, be inspired


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