Tapout XT Review

TapouT XT Review

< Monday: July 2, 2012 >

I finally completed TapouT XT which took 90 gruesome days and I have to say that it was definitely satisfied with the entire 90 days. The twelve unique workouts were always fun to do and never got boring which I felt was really crucial in staying motivated for the 90 days. With the help of a Facebook support group and my own will power, these past 90 days were amazing, and I was able to see some results for my body.


First of all, I need to say that this workout which mainly focuses on cardio with some resistance, isn’t the type that was going to improve my fitness goals drastically. This MMA inspired workout is meant to help burn a lot of fat and help build lean muscle. I’ve always been pretty lean so the best this workout could probably do for me was maybe enhance the definition in my abs and increase my endurance. As a Beachbody coach, I’ve had several years experience with many workouts such as P90X, Insanity, Turbo Fire, The Asylum, and P90X2. All of them have given me great results in the past and I’ve been really fit before starting TapouT XT. So when seeing my before and after pics below, don’t be alarmed if you may not see many differences and think TapouT XT doesn’t work at all. It really does work. There’s more to body transformations than just outer appearance. There’s also change internally. The reason why I wanted to do TapouT XT is because it was a new challenge that wasn’t from Beachbody. It was an all MMA inspired workout, and I thought that was freakin awesome knowing that I’ve been waiting for a fighting type of workout. When checking out the infomercials, I could get the since this would be perhaps similar to Insanity in that it was all cardio based. But of course everything would be more fighting type moves which seemed really fun and exciting for me. I knew I would sweat a lot and give it everything I got. However, knowing I’m a veteran of Beachbody programs, I felt like I had this one in the bag. But I was a fool to underestimate it.

TapouT XT Workouts

The first month of TapouT XT was off the hook. Cross Core Combat and Competition Core threw me a whole new style of cardio workout that I haven’t done before. A cool MMA style workout that focuses on shredding the core with awesome moves while combining them with punches, kicks, hooks, elbow strikes, etc. Then came Strength and Force Upper which is an upper body workout that I quickly began to hate because I felt like it focused more on working your shoulders which I learned happens to be a big weak point of me. I just couldn’t believe the amount of time that was focused on them. I began calling it the Dwight Howard workout because I felt like I was going to get shoulders like him. Then doing Ultimate Abs after that was a big killer. After doing the second move in Ultimate Abs, my abs were on fire and made me take several breaks. I didn’t have this much trouble when doing P90X Ab Ripper X or X2 Ab Ripper. This was a whole new ab routine that really knows how to make your abs scream. And just watch out for those magnet crunches. Then there was Plyo XT. This was by far perhaps the one workout that everyone hates the most. It’s definitely harder than doing P90X Plyometrics but I’m still not sure if it’s harder than the Asylum’s Vertical Plyo. I did not want to try and compare those by doing both of them back to back. But a lot of lunge related moves with hops are in plyo that will help sculpt the legs and the glutes. And be prepared to be pretty sore in the glutes the next day. Then along came Yoga XT which I would say isn’t really my favorite yoga routine. To be honest I just didn’t feel a good rhythm and pace going for this workout compared to P90X Yoga. Yea people complain that P90X Yoga is way too long but I like the fact that it feels like it goes in a great order from easy moves to the hard moves and it just slowly builds them up. For TapouT XT yoga, I felt like the first third of the workout greatly burns the shoulders a lot because you stay in plank for a while doing plank related moves like upward dog, downward dog, and then plank while bringing the knee in in three directions, and lastly doing side arm balance. Or maybe the shoulders burned too much because of the fact that you do Strength and Force Upper a couple days earlier. After that is Legs and Back which I felt was one of the top two workouts that made me sweat the most. It combines the use of the leg bands and resistance bands for this energetic routine. The first section makes you do several moves for the legs and then you jump into a circuit working the back, then lastly you alternate between the two muscle groups. It really works up a sweat a lot because the moves make you work fast while using resistance, and in my opinion that helps burns a lot of calories. Then Sprawl and Brawl felt like a combination of Cross Core Combat with Muay Thai which I’ll go into detail a little later. But it’s basically a routine that alternates between doing punch/knee related strikes and then dropping to the ground for some push-up related moves. So it’s pretty dynamic having to change between floor moves and standing moves. Lastly, Cardio XT was introduced that was perhaps the one workout that makes you sweat the most. I’ve had the pleasure of using 3 towels to help dry myself off of all the sweat that kept dripping. I honestly thought that this one would be easier compared to the rest of the workouts but I was seriously wrong. Do not underestimate this routine.

As for the second month, you get introduced to three new great workouts. The first one is Ripped Conditioning which is another upper body workout to coincide with Strength and Force Upper. I could at least tolerate this one more because I felt I got more work on my biceps. And the cool thing about this workout is that it feels like it works in circuits where you do four moves, and then repeat those moves with a harder modification the second time around. The second new routine was Buns and Guns which works on the glutes and the biceps. This felt pretty odd to me working those two groups on the same workout because from past experience, there’s a system to what muscle groups should be worked on the same day for a better experience such as doing chest and back on the same day, or legs and back, or biceps and shoulders. However, this was still a fun short workout that really uses the leg band in creative new ways I haven’t used them before. Lastly, my favorite workout out of the 12 is Muay Thai. This routine is a straightforward routine of throwing kicks, punches, elbow strikes, etc in many many combinations which builds up a great sweat. And adding the weighted gloves makes it even more challenging and exciting. It just feels like this is the type of workout that’ll make you want to punch through walls and test your strength.

My Experience

When starting off at first, I felt like the first couple weeks were the toughest of course. A whole new style of workout is like having to run up a huge mountain where my body is trying to adapt to workouts. I’ve said before that I thought this would be easy knowing that I’ve done Insanity so many times but I was certain wrong. My body got accustomed to Insanity but TapouT XT isn’t Insanity. I learned that the hard way. I didn’t sweat as much as Insanity but I still felt a great burn in my body when first starting out. After the first couple weeks were over, I started getting use to the routine so I focused a lot more on form and speed to really test out how much I may have improved in my performance. It certainly wasn’t too bad at all. The workouts didn’t get easier but I didn’t want them to. Wouldn’t that be boring. The more I repeated certain workouts, my body didn’t want to adapt. That really told me that this would be always difficult for 90 days no matter what. It’s great because that way it forces me to put in more effort each time to see if I can finally do a certain workout without having to take breaks. Of course with certain workouts such as Plyo XT or Strength and Force Upper, that just couldn’t happen. What felt even more intimidating for me was the fact that there was no recovery week for the 90 days. Unlike P90X where you have one week of recovery after your 3 weeks of intense workout or that one week in Insanity where you just focus on your core and balance, TapouT XT has no such thing called a recovery week to let your muscle rest and grow. The only rest you get is the night you sleep and one extra day, which for me was Sunday. A recovery week have been nice to have because it’s something I got use to after doing many Beachbody workouts. And I feel it is an important week to include in any workout because a rest week is the week to allow all your muscles to recooperate and grow. Maybe if they create a TapouT XT 2 in the future *wink wink* then they can add it in.

The Trainer

The man behind the gruesome 90 day workout is named Mike Karpenko. I remember when first starting off this workout, I didn’t know what his name was for like the first three days, lol. But yea, he has a great personality such as the other trainers from Beachbody which I felt was really important. This is the guy that’ll be talking and yelling at you for 90 days tell you that “Quitin Does Not Exist” over and over. It’s a broken record and yea at first it was annoying. But when I was feeling burnt out during certain workouts, Mike will yell that line at you and it just motivates you to keep going. There were many instances where it actually helped out a lot and I really thank him for that. And what I also like from Mike is that I got to talk to him many times on the TapouT XT fan page because he goes on there from time to time to interact with all of the TapouT XT community to help support them. I haven’t had that experience from any other celebrity trainer and I felt that was another motivational experience for me. It’s great knowing that the man himself checks in with all of us to make sure we stay on track with our workouts because he wants to see us all succeed in this. It’s not easy and I’m sure he knows that.


I really enjoyed the 90 day journey I took with TapouT XT. I needed something different from the usual workouts I do, and this was simply a great investment. MMA style workouts … the first time I heard of it, I knew I wanted to try it. The workouts were pretty unique that never got boring and I felt that was an integral part of this program. Many people said they got bored with other types of workouts, but with TapouT XT I highly doubt you’ll get bored. And to my fellow Beachbody coaches or fanatics who have been dubious on wanting to try out this workout, I highly recommend it. Don’t be afraid to go out the comfort zone. Results are not made in the comfort zone. That’s something you’ll always be reminded of in TapouT XT. If there was something that Tony Horton taught as all, is that by switching up your routines from time to time, you’ll achieve more change. Muscle Confusion can be applied here. Don’t stick to the same workouts all the time. You’ll just hit that plateau so don’t be afraid to try out a different style of workout that isn’t Beachbody. If you want your body to keep changing for the better, try out new styles of workout. So if you want to step into the uncomfort zone and try out something new, just go to tapoutxt.com.

90 Day Results

Changes include:

  • More defined abs
  • Stronger arms and shoulders
  • Stronger glutes
  • Gained 5lbs!
  • More energy!

And by the look of it, it looks like I got slimmer.


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