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TapouT XT vs. Insanity

< Sunday: April 15, 2012 >

TapouT XT vs. Insanity

Recently I’ve been getting a lot of emails on the subject that I think a lot of people in the Beachbody community have been wondering ever since the new non-Beachbody extreme workout program known TapouT XT has been taking a shine in the fitness world. And the general question I’ve been asked is whether TapouT XT is better or is just as good as Shaun T’s Insanity program and what the differences are. So I figured I’d make a post trying to explain my personal opinion on the matter based on what I’ve done with TapouT XT so far.


  • Each workout will definitely leave you drenched at the end of every single workout. There’s no question about it.
  • Each workout is averaged to around 45 minutes of brutality.
  • Every single workout goes at a fast pace with only few water breaks
  • From the 2 weeks I’ve done TapouT XT, I believe both TapouT XT and Insanity will both make you shred a lot of fat and get you a great lean sculpted body just using your body weight.


  • Insanity workouts have a pattern of using around 3 circuits having 4 moves that get repeated 3 times. And you go even harder and faster for every circuit. As for TapouT XT, there are several workouts where certain moves are repeated but majority of the time the second time you repeat, is a harder modification of the previous time you did it. Sometimes it’s the same thing, but others is a harder modification.
  • The moves in Insanity make you feel like you’re training for any type of sport you like. So it does throw at you a lot of sports related moves. TapouT XT is based on MMA which is style I’ve always wanted to try which was why I was excited when I first heard about this workout program. It’s a combination of punches, kicks, knee strikes, elbow attacks, and all that good stuff. If you were to do push-up jacks in Insanity, in TapouT XT you’ll do push-up jacks along with two elbow strikes. So TapouT XT likes to add that mix in to make sure each move has some form of punch, kick, or knee strike.
  • Because Insanity repeats the same exact circuit three times, you know exactly what to expect for the second and third time your repeat. Therefore, you have no break in between moves and you just go straight into the next one. So you can go for 4 to 5 minutes straight in a circuit without stopping which is really exhaustive and always explosive. In TapouT XT, I would say 80% of the time, Mike Karpenko takes about an average of 12 to 15 seconds to explain the next move that’s going to come up so it kinda kills the fast momentum that you’re having. But either way, each move in TapouT XT still goes at a fast explosive pace and you’ll be thanking Mike at the end of each move to give you that 15 or so second break to catch your breath. Shaun T however isn’t so nice about it. So in this regard, I would say Insanity goes at a faster pace than TapouT XT in how long you keep working without stopping.
  • Insanity is a 100% intense cardio workout that requires no weights or equipment at all. For TapouT XT, I would say (from what I’ve done so far) 20% of the workouts requires the use of resistance band, leg band, and weighted gloves. In that regard, you can think of TapouT XT as a mix between Insanity and The Asylum by incorporating resistance into the cardio style moves. In the Asylum however, the pace of the resistance training isn’t fast because the weights you choose can be pretty heavy. In TapouT XT, you use a light weight resistance band for your fast pace cardio moves which is really effective and works out the arms and legs based on the move you’re doing. So TapouT XT has the cardio pace of Insanity with the strength/resistance training of the Asylum
  • Insanity guarantees you a great body in 60 days compared to TapouT XT’s 90 day solution. Based on having barely any breaks in Insanity going at an explosive rate, I can see why it’ll only take 60 days. I got the results I wanted in 60 days, so believe it from me. TapouT XT gives you 90 days to get a great lean sculpted body. With 90 days, I feel this would get me an even better muscle sculpted body than Insanity because of the resistance power training incorporated in it.

In conclusion…

I still highly recommend both workouts if you want to lose weight and get a ripped body. I’ve done Insanity for 3 rounds and I was not disappointed at all with the results. I only got TapouT XT because if there was one thing I learned from Tony Horton, is that variety in fitness is key to keep your body changing. So I wanted something different and with a new MMA style workout coming out, how could I say no to that. I’m loving TapouT XT as of right now but just thinking how the hell am I going to survive this for 90 DAYS?

My recommendation for which one you want to pick is based on the style of workout you want to try. Insanity has more cardio/sports related moves while TapouT XT has an MMA/cardio moves so it’s all up to you. Choose the one where you think you’ll have a lot of fun. Either way, whether it’s Mike Karpenko with his MMA workout or Shaun with his Max Interval Training, you’re going to get your ass kicked. 100% guarantee.


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