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TapouT XT vs. P90X

< Monday: May 28, 2012 >

TapouT XT vs. P90X

Alright so I’ve completed 8 weeks of TapouT XT so far and I feel I can write a decent review that pertains to a question a lot people have been asking me through youtube which is … what is the difference between TapouT XT and P90X? Which is harder? Which one should I do? So because I’ve gotten great feedback on a previous post comparing TapouT XT with Insanity, I thought it would be great to write this review to help you all out.

Before in my comparison post between Insanity and P90X, I divided it into two sections between Similarities and Differences. However, when comparing these two, I will weigh in more on the differences because there’s really not much to talk about the similarities other than the following:

  • Both programs last 90 days
  • Both have workouts that range around 50 minutes.
  • I would consider both to be graduate level programs meaning that these would be great for those that have some fitness experience in your lives. If you’ve never done any type of fitness program whatsoever in your life or have been so inactive in your life, then I’d recommend something less intense before trying any of these two.
  • Both of their own nutrition guides specific to their own programs to help you with your 90 days. I highly recommend following them if you have no clue on the types of food to eat.

Ok so now for the good stuff…


  • First and foremost, P90X is more of a strength training workout program which uses the concepts of Muscle Confusion to make sure your body doesn’t plateau in order to help your muscles grow. P90X is intended for those who want to burn fat and gain some muscle. TapouT XT is more of a cardio based workout program that throws in some resistance to the cardio to help you burn a lot more calories than P90X and also get you lean muscle. In my experience, I sweat more in TapouT XT than I did in P90X.
  • P90X uses cross training throughout the 90 days meaning that it uses several types of workout methods such a Resistance Training, Cardio Training, Core and Stabilization, and Flexbility and Mobility. But the core of this program in my opinion is resistance training. TapouT XT uses MMA style training which the majority of it is cardio. And like I’ve mentioned before, there is some resistance training included such as Ripped Conditioning, Strength and Force Upper, and Legs and Back. Yet those workouts throw in some MMA moves in there so that you don’t forget the fact that these workouts are for fighters.
  • P90X is divided into three macro cycles or blocks that last one month each. Each of which is meant to keep your body confused and growing at the same time to make sure you don’t hit that plateau. The program is designed as a system that engages you with specific workouts for the first month, before you switch it up the second month, and then switch up AGAIN in the third month. With the design of this system, your body will get a chance to master and adapt the workouts of the first month before you go into the second and the third month with new workouts. TapouT XT isn’t structured in any special way like P90X or P90X2. The only pattern I see is that every single week, you’ll always do Plyo XT, Yoga XT, a strength workout, a core workout, and two intense cardio/MMA focused workouts. And it doesn’t seem like with the second or third month the workouts get harder. The second month introduces three new workouts into the routine which don’t seem too drastically different from the ones you’ve already done. There’s no question that the intensity is the same but it doesn’t feel like the second or third month goes one level beyond compared to the previous month. With P90X, the first month was like a foundation where you get use to 6 to 7 workouts you got to master. Then in the second month you introduce the new workouts which seemed even harder and more intense than the previous month. With TapouT XT, it doesn’t feel like you’re climbing a ladder of intensity with each new month. The workouts just seem to be at the hardest intensity they can possibly be at the same level throughout the 3 months. In a way … I find that more exciting and more challenging, lol
  • Another crucial difference, is that at the end of each month for P90X, there is always the recovery week. The recovery week is always important to let the muscles rest and grow from the intense 3 weeks of workouts you’ve done previously. And any fitness expert can always tell you that you need to rest as much as you train. With TapouT XT, recovery doesn’t exist. Every month is always at is max with no special type of workouts that are easier than the rest. All workouts are equally hard, maybe some harder than others … like Plyo XT. The only rest you get when doing TapouT XT for 90 days is the time you sleep after the day of working out.
  • Going back to the nutrition guides, P90X has a nutrition guide that has 3 different phases: Fat Shredder, Energy Booster, Endurance Maximizer. Each focuses on a different ratio of protein, carbs, and fat that you intake. For example, the Fat Shredder phases focuses on intaking more Protein (around 50%) so that you can help strengthen more of your muscles while burning more fat. Because you don’t ingest as much carbs, the body looks for another source of energy which is your stored fat. Therefore, you shred more fat. As for TapouT XT, nothing really special. It gives you great tips of what types of food to eat and what to avoid and it also gives you great recipes to enjoy for 20 days or so.

In conclusion…

I can say that there is more science built into designing P90X than there is in any other workout program I’ve done. Perhaps that is the reason why it is the number 1 selling home-fitness program in the world. Because science doesn’t lie. Beachbody knows what they are doing. P90X is meant for people to burn fat and gain muscle mass while TapouT XT is meant to shred fat and gain lean muscle, just like Insanity.

Which one is right for you? I’ll explain this again. It clearly depends on what your fitness goals are. Do you want more muscle, or just get more lean? That’s usually the only question I ask people because they either just say they just want to lose a lot of weight or just gain more muscle. Simple question deserves a simple answer. P90X/P90X2 = more muscle and strength, TapouT XT = more endurance and lean muscle. If you’re already fit and just want to find a new challenge, just ask yourself what type of workout you think you’ll have more fun. Do you want to try out cross training that combines resistance, cardio, core stabilization, and flexibility or would you want to try out MMA cardio training? Just remember, which ever one you choose, you’re already a winner. Both will give you the results you’re looking for but it only works if you STICK WITH THE WORKOUTS AND FOLLOW THE NUTRITION PLAN! You will become a success if you can follow that advice.

You can always leave me a comment below if you have any specific questions you may have. If you ever need help in wanting to start P90X, just let me know. I’m a Beachbody Coach and P90X Certified through Beachbody so I’m eligible to help coach you through the entire 90 days of the program to make sure you get the results you like.


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